Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your dog, cat, rabbit, or other friend--feathered or furry--becomes ill and passes away. That's why we created Pet Funeral & Cremation Service of New York City Inc., the one and only premier pet aftercare you'll ever need. Because we are licensed NY state funeral directors, we will treat your beloved pet with dignity and respect, and provide one on one personalized service. Transport and pick up of your pet is included in our price.  We do not accept pet drop off at our location.

Private cremation is the right option  if you want the cremains of your beloved pet returned to you.

Funeral service is the burial of your beloved pet in a pet cemetery.

Memorial service is a celebration of your pet's life with or without the cremains present.

Communal cremation is the option for you if you do not want your pet's cremains returned to you. We will scatter them.

Professional Pet Services

Private Cremation

Funeral Service


Memorial Service

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